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    About us

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Indoor Parks LCN is a brand of the Tarraco Adventure S.L. group, a company with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to leisure, sports and fun for children.

Through our Indoor Parks LCN line, we are users of the children’s playgrounds that we offer, so we can guarantee full satisfaction in terms of quality, safety, service and durability of our children’s playgrounds and Ball pits.

Indoor Parks LCN specialises in designing and assembling children’s playgrounds for projects in children’s playgrounds, hotels, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and public spaces, among others.

Our service is comprehensive. Together with our client, we study the most optimal solution that best suits the needs and budget of each project.

Thus, Indoor Parks LCN helps you from the beginning in the conceptualisation of the children’s playground, both in the most important technical aspects such as: in safety for users, flow of routes ... and even in the most specific design aspects such as: materials, colours, slides, decorative elements ... so that the park integrates perfectly into the chosen space.

Once the design and its technical features have been defined, we fully manufacture and install your project and we deliver it to you within the agreed deadline.

We are approved playground inspectors for:

Technical and Design Office

oficina técnica parques infnatiles

The Indoor Parks LCN Technical and Design Office is responsible for all children’s playground projects, both for the most technical aspects and for its design. It has assembly specialists, who share their knowledge with customers to create unique children’s ball pits. In addition, the Technical Office also guarantees and supervises the entire manufacturing process until the final delivery of the dossier supporting compliance with UNE-EN 1176 7:2009 regulations.